Landry for R Freeman and Hunt?

I am pretty thin at RB so trying to add one that would be a servicable flex option with upside. Is landry for Royce Freeman and Hunt a fair deal? Thanks for any input!

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Who are your other WRs ? If its just my opinion I love this trade. Royce Freeman quietly has a decent year. He needs TDs though, but I think they’ll come.

My Wrs are pretty suspect… I have Galloday, Landry, Diggs, Tyrell Williams, and Desean Jackson. Does that sound like a fair deal for him as well? His other RBs are Coleman Jacobs and Sanders

I also have Curtis Samuel, forgot him

and AJ Green, lol. Sorry have a lot of WRs

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I think you can do just fine without Jarvis Landry. I prefer Royce Freeman.

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In a similar situation in my other league. Same guy has Hunt and Freeman and I have a ton of receivers. He needs receivers bad in this league. Would you trade away any of the following for Hunt and Freeman?
Ertz, Waller, Fuller, Gallup, Moore

I would say DJ Moore. Gallup will eat a lot of targets with Amari Cooper sidelined. You could trade Ertz or Waller for a RB to a TE needy team.