Landry on the Block, PPR

Trying to figure out a fair offer for Landry in my league as his owner has put him on the block.

Of the players I’m willing to move, do any of them (or any combo of 2 of them) make a fair offer for Jarvis?:

Hyde RB
Howard RB
Thompson RB
Watkins WR
Sanders WR (would really rather not move him but…)

Was thinking of offering Watkins and Howard for Jarvis? But every time I go to pull the trigger I feel I’m giving too much. Then I go Hyde and Watkins and feel like it’s not enough. My RBs can likely take the hit (roster below) so have also thought of Howard and Hyde as an offer but really hate moving 2 RBs for a WR who’s likely replaceable/unneeded.

10 Team PPR

QBs - Baker(stream), Russ(bye), Watson(jax)
RBs - Gordon, Michel, Ekeler, Thompson, Hyde, Howard
WRs - OBJ, JuJu, Sanders, Watkins
TE - Ertz
K - Zuerlein

Thanks for any help you can give!!!

Any thoughts?

I would just offer straight up Hyde or Howard for Jarvis. Assuming the other guy needs an rb. I think that’s a fair deal considering rbs are more valuable than WRs and the way those guys are all playing right now it’s pretty fair. Howard for Jarvis is what I’m offering right now in my league. See if the Jarvis owner takes it


I was thinking of offering Jarvis for Juju…

As a JuJu owner I would decline that almost as soon as it came in, honestly. Trust Roeth and PIT’s offense way way more.

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He decline Howard straight up and then I followed with Howard and Watkins feeing queasy about it, he declined that as well. Guess I’m out of the Landry market for the time being lol