Landry or Golladay ROS?

Standard scoring I’m leaning Golladay, is it worth the gamble to try and be trade Landry for Golladay with all the Tate trade rumours and the Browns coaching change over?

Don’t mind it. Browns situation right now looks awful tbh. And even though Jackson/Haley got fired, not much will change. Mid season coaching fires rarely work out to the benefit of the team. I view this as another lost season and attempt to rebuild next year.

Not to mention the fact that the old school defensive coordinator is taking over for the Browns with the rb coach becoming the offensive coordinator. Looks like another Seahawks, Cowobys, Lion, Jaguars ground and pound team for now.

Same train of thought I was having, plus in standard i like Kenny Gs TD upside.

What would you think about adding Cook in from my side with Landry and going after AP or White? I don’t mind holding Cook but I’m wondering if the option to offload him for someone performing now with decent playoff matchups too I should explore that?

I’m not buying AP or White. AP busts too often in what is supposed to be easy matchups for me to trust him. And when he busts, he tanks your week. I’d much rather play someone more consistent who maybe doesn’t have the same blow up games he does.

Same with White. Once Michel is back, white goes back to what he’s always been. that roughly 10 point floor guy in ppr scoring formats who gets you 18 when he scores a TD which isn’t as frequent cause he doesn’t get goal line work. In standard, he’s worth even less.

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Would you give up Mack to get White?

I have both and need to drop someone this week for a TE… can’t drop Landry… what do I do lol

I would not give up mack for white in a standard league.

How can we help out without knowing your team man? Give us some more info please

RB: Mixon (bye), Mack (bye), Michel (out), Cohen, Chubb (new OC), Breida (injury prone)

WR: AB, Hopkins, Boyd, Landry, Golladay

I’m in a 0.5 ppr. I guess White has that pass catching ability lure.

I would still not give up mack for white. Mack also catches passes and has goal line work in an offense that looks pretty good and an Oline that has finally come together a bit, although against easier matchups. James whtie is what james white has always been. A secondary guy. With Michel in there, White’s upside is severely capped and everyone should be selling high when they can.

got it thank you!

Wait… if Tate really gets traded, Golladay probably becomes the WR1…

I don’t think that offense has a true WR1. They have a few pseudo WR1 from the combo of MJJ / Kenny G. As MJJ showed you this week, he’s still that red zone deep ball threat. I don’t think Kenny G will fully displace him, at least not this year.

Where do we stand on this, post trade deadline? I need to make tough decisions today

Golladay for me, i couldn’t get him either owner bailed out.

I have both, but need to trade one of them away lol

Lol we’re having this via two threads. I’ve gone back on the other one lets carry on there haha