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Landry or graham for the flex?


landry is always solid and im not too worried about the qb but playing a good pass defence with the ravens should i play jimmy G instead in the flex?


Jimmmmaaaayyyy yea I would start Graham


I would start Landry with Parker out he will get more targets


your not worried about him going up vs the ravens D? 7th vs the pass


I think Landry will get targets but I think this is the night for Stills… When Moore played behind Tannehill he targeted Stills the most… Maybe things have changed but pair that with Ravens D and I would start Graham


I would worry a little bit but Landry is a stud, with stills ad Moore connection that’s another strike. But Jimmy is so touchdown dependent. The Seattle offense hasn’t looked great this year. I am basing my opinion on the ceiling and I think Landry has a higher one.