Landry or Woods ROS

full ppr. With kupp banged up on my team I’m looking to get either Cooks or Woods. Would like to package Yeldon and Landry/Tate for Dalvin and Woods. He is also the fournette owner Thoughts?

I aslo have keenan Allen, Bell, Lindsay, lewis

Any thoughts fellas?

woods ROS now for sure

If Taylor comes back. I might pick Landry

But Baker has killed Landry right now he is a sit

So would you offer Landry and Yeldon to the Fournette owner for Woods and Dalvin even though i already own Kupp?

well ur basically getting rid of landry with bottom barrel value right now

I don’t think he would take that trade unless he really wants yeldon that bad

Agree with Woods for now. Baker isn’t helping Landry at all, I feel the Baker mania is a little much to me he looks erratic and holds the ball too long?

I haven’t really watched any Browns games at all but Landry is still the #1 target on that team and is getting his. Are they bad throws or is he just dropping shit? Doesn’t seem like he’s capitalizing on anything.

Traded for Landry in both my main leagues 2 weeks ago… and now im really regretting it :sob:

The schedule looks nothing but juicy coming up but i’m not excited about it.

I’ve see a bit of play from the last two and wasn’t blown away to be honest. According to PFF he has 9 ‘catchable balls’ that he did drop but i think taking a little pinch of salt with analytics probably lowers this slightly there are a lot of variables that go into specific sports moments that they wont tell the full picture they never will.

That being said it’s probably more realistically around 6 or 7 drops so he’s not getting it done as much as the passing game has stalled a bit. He also isn’t getting help from a decent outside threat or two that D’s need to respect so he has to play there and also defenses can key in on Landry so it’s all stacked against him right now. Schedule is amazing and he should produce but the other WRs and Baker need to do so as well or it’ll keep being frustrating all year

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Traded for him in my main league, but didn’t give a lot up so i don’t feel too bad but disappointed to say the least…

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i mean in my number 1 league i gave up james white (but im stacked at rb and needed wr help) and am expecting big time regression back to normalcy for white with all the weapons back. but at least hes good for 10 points in half ppr.

my other league i gave up buck allen and foreman to needy owner so i dont feel terrible about that at all. but still… like hes just not getting it done. i feel like Baker suffers a bit from Colin Kaepernick disease in that he just throws the ball too hard and has trouble finessing the short ball or short distance lead ball for a catch and run. EVERYTHING IS A BULLET.

I mean… Landry got it done over the last two seasons in Miami with TERRIBLE qb’s. browns need to strap up and find more creative ways to get him the ball as he seemingly is their only threat in their receiving core. Just hard to trust the Browns. like i said, im feeling regret.

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Anyone here care to weigh in on my predicament trade thread I’d be grateful…

Let’s bring Golden Tate into this equation now too. How does he stack up against these two? Sandwiched in-between Woods and Landry as far as ROS value goes?

I’d say that’s probably fair yes for sure, he’s getting more TDs than normal but has a better QB and is a YAC monster this year! Also with Jones Jr and Golladay helping out wide the middle of the field is open for him consistently

Or do i just keep all my WR’s and try to trade yeldon and Lindsay for Cook?

Woods > Tate > Landry for me.

Woods is in the best offense, Kupp may be missing time, and has been a solid performer all season.

Tate is in a pass first offense and the rise of Kenny G i think helps him. Marvin Jones is the one hurt my Golladay. Tate is getting his volume, and has a good opportunity to break one.

Landry is on the worst offense, has the volume, but is not capitalizing on that volume. However he has the juiciest schedule coming up.

I consider them all in that same “Tier”, but id want woods over the other two.

trade yeldon immediately, as well as lindsay for any volume workhorse running back you can imo. yeldon is a temporary start, and lindsay is in a timeshare with an idiot coach. if you can package them both or one of them and a receiver for a reliable back id do it.

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Agree on Yeldon trade asap, he was actually the one i gave up for Landry last week but i am loaded at RB and he went to a 1-4 team in meltdown but he must be traded asap

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Fournette owner is my boss so i should probably wait until my lunch break to propose the trade