Landry trade offer

I was just offered j Landry for Josh Gordon. Do I pull the trigger or will Gordon start blowing up?

I would do it because even if gordon turns it on, Landry gets the volume so especially if you are in a ppr or .5 ppr it will be worth it. Plus that Baker kid is going to be slinging the ball.

Take the deal. 100%, take that deal. I am a huge pats fan and love flash but Landry is in a great spot. Has probably the juiciest matchup coming up and Baker looks freking amazing. The kid is a total baller.

Even if Gordon Blows up, not sure if he’ll be that much better than landry in half ppr formats.

At the end of the day, Gordon is still playing <30% of snaps and just got 2 targets. Can’t rely on that for production going forward.

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I hope you clicked accept already.