Landry Traded to Browns makes my keeper situation unclear

So I won the league last year, and immediately after the season ended I unloaded a couple guys for picks. I traded Kelce for a 1st and a 4th. Traded Mike Evans for a late 2nd. Keepers dont cost anything, you just keep your 3 best guys.

My plan was to keep:
Lev Bell
Michael Thomas
Jarvis Landry

I think this trade makes Cleveland a legit offense, but is there enough room for Landry to succeed? Browns will have Gordon, Landry, Coleman, Duke, and Njoku as their primary passing targets.

Other keeper options for me are Larry Fitz, Joe Mixon, and I can probably trade my 1st for Fournette or Dalvin Cook.

League settings:


as weird as it sounds, if the browns can now land kirk because of all the weapons and money they can throw at him, that might be the most balanced team in the NFL. i like landry on a team like that. landry will thrive on a team where there are other spots they have to cover. before it was him and… him. parker was never a game changing threat, their run game always seems to be hit or miss, and they just dont have any serious threats. so, if they get cousins, then guice and chubb (i think they take chubb 1 overall and fitzpatrick at 4, so they can get guice start of the second) then yes im keeping landry. but, i would not be mad at you at all if you spent one of your 1sts for fournette or cook.

I think this will be good for him going forward. I like Haley as OC and have faith he will use all of the weapons. It is just a waiting game for QB. I say hold.

The Browns won’t get Cousins. That’s why they got Tyrod and now they can draft Barkley and then a rookie QB to groom. Hell maybe even Lamar Jackson to backup Tyrod? Landry will be just fine, Browns are winning 6 games or more this year. Bank it.

Yea, I agree the browns will be decent this year. Just not so sure about Landry’s fantasy value.

I’ve seen you post a lot on these forums and you always back up your claims with good evidence and a clearly well thought out opinion; so, I’m really curious as to why you think the Browns will take Chubb over Barkley at 1.

i have quite a few. the most valuable player after a QB, is the guy that stops the QB. john dorsey knows this, so he gets the most important spot, then gets his QB a WR. so now he knows he has the foundation of a good offense. so you go get your DE terror to pair up with myles. all of a sudden you have potentially the best DE duo, and they are young young young. they already have their third down guy in duke. so i wouldnt stress RB as hard when i know how deep this draft is. there is a good chance guice makes it back to them at 33, and if not there are a few 1st and 2nd down guys in this draft. so 1 is chubb to pressure the QB. then 4 is minkah to pick off the QB. that team is much more well rounded this way IMO. imagine sony in the 2nd if you dont think guice makes it around. that team is all of a sudden looking really scary, instead of just the offense looking kind of scary. its what i would do at least.

That makes a lot of sense, thanks for the opinion.