Large dynasty trade

12 man ppr superflex. Start qb/2rb/2wr/te/2 flex/ 1sflex
I give: boyd, Goff, enuniwa, 2019 and 2020 2nds
I get: luck, ballage, 2019 2020 1st.

I have a guy interested in boyd Goff and enunwa. He already offered luck and 3rd for Goff and 2nd. 2019 2nd for enuniwa, and curtis Samuel and a 2019 1st for boyd. I was thinking about countering with the offer above.
My team
Qb:Goff and cousins
Rbs: Elliott, McKinnon, bredia, drake, flyers.
WRS: allen, ridley, cook’s, boyd, enuniwa, parker and some flyers.
All my picks.

I don’t like this trade for you at all. You are giving away known “good” players for an upgrade at QB and potential.

Boyd really had a break out year. I expect that to contiune. Enunwa has been a great WR3 for teams at times (when healthy).

Ballage is not someone I’m investing in.

i have to agree with @fun4willis, stick with what you have, upgrading a little to luck isnt worth what you give up.

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I agree with the other two who responded to this. I see this as a loss of present value for your side in exchange for potential future value. Your roster doesn’t seem especially weak to me. I would go with the known commodities right now, which you already have.

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Alright thank you yall I will take this into consideration. Would you do Goff and a 2019 second for luck and a 2019 3rd though?

I would consider that trade.

What the motivation to trade away Goff or acquire Luck?