Large Keeper League Trade

I’m in a full PPR league (I was outvoted) 12 teams.

We keep 10 players, and 2 players have a 100 point cap. (Which means if they score under 100 fantasy points, the player can be kept for that spot)

My Team
QB DeShaun Watson (Keep)
QB Phillip Rivers
RB Kareem Hunt (Keep)
RB Christian McCaffrey (Keep)
RB Carlos Hyde (Keep)
RB Frank Gore
RB Doug Martin
RB Jamaal Williams (Maybe Keep)
RB Joe Williams
WR Amari Cooper (Keep)
WR Demaryius Thomas (Keep)
WR Stefon Diggs (Keep)
WR Randall Cobb (Keep
WR Paul Richardson (Maybe Keep)
WR Corey Coleman
WR Terrelle Pryor
TE Greg Olsen (Capped Keeper)
TE OJ Howard (Maybe Keep)
TE Trey Burton (Capped Keeper)
TE Jonnu Smith

Starting lineup
QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, 2 RB/WR/TE flex

So the trade is, I’m trading away DeShaun Watson (to the Hopkins owner I might add)
Larry Fitzgerald, 3.10 & 4.10

I have pick 1.04 and 4 picks in the 3rd.

Keep in mind that the 3rd round is more valuable in this league compared to a true dynasty league because the draft has mixed veteran players.

Should I make this trade or maybe alter the trade where I can get his 2.10?

I’d hold on to Watson & hope I had my long term QB. Fits is great but nearing the end. The 3rd/4th rd rookie picks are startup round 11+ vets or dart throw rookies IMO. I’d consider holding Rivers as that last keeper over the Howard, Richardson, Jamaal in case Watson isn’t healthy to start the season, but I don’t trust the last 2 & you’re already set at TE.