Large trade advice needed

Full PPR trading away Watson Kamara and Kittle for mccaffery crowder and Witten. I have darnold as my replacement QB.


Man is that tough. You’re essentially trading three guys who are at the top of their position for CMC plus two waiver guys. That said, CMC is CMC. I personally would hold your guys. Thinking about bye weeks taking that big a positional hit would be too much for me. Now if the guy would do a a two for one straight up for CMC (not likely) I’d give up any combo but not all three

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The only reason I’m on the fence is darnold has amazing matchups for the rest of the season and I need a more consistent WR to replace Hardman on my team. I also have carson and ekeler and hunt as backs

Way too much for my taste, any of those 3 can outscore CMC on a week, of not more than one. If a WR is all you’re after, there’s no need to sell the farm


If Hardman is your concern, go look at the Gordon owners roster. See if you can’t flip Ekeler for an upgrade to him

I got him to include hill in instead of crowder

Tyreek Hill right? Not Justice Hill? Lol

Yeah the real hill

I would hold in your position

I’d stand pat. That’s too much for CMC I think.

If you’re getting CMC AND Hill in the deal I’d do it

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Thanks for the advice guys I ended up taking it since he was including hill and I have Josh Allen and Darnold as my QBs who have great matchups for the rest of the season.