Large Trade Involving Ertz, OBJ, Kupp, and Ajayi

Ok guys, I’m thinking I’m gonna pull the trigger on this, but want some opinions.

12 Team Standard
QB: Stafford
WR: Baldwin, Kupp, J. Brown, Allison, Cole, Hogan, and Coutee
RB: Gordon, Collins, Ajayi, Breida, Lewis, Rojo
TE: Streaming :frowning:

So the deal:
Kupp, Brown, Ajayi, and Lewis for OBJ, Ertz, and Hines.

To me, it’s a bit of an overpayment given current results, but could end up being even by year end. Hines and Lewis cancel out to me. Lewis could take over the job, but he’s just depth to me. I’m ok losing Ajayi since he is injury prone and I have RB depth. Kupp and Brown are great and I drafted them. I’m really high on them, but Baldwin, OBJ, Allison is a pretty solid threesome. So I feel like I have the depth to make that sacrafice.

Thoughts? Really appreciate it all