Larry fitz & DJ on the same team

I was very high on both players before the draft. We got a little banged up when we held the draft so I completely did not consider that I was rostering TWO cardinals within my first three rounds of the draft.

I feel like they are going to cut into each other’s workload and upside for the ROS, especially seeing how abysmal this offense may end up looking. Larry was great last year, but he also had no DJ to compete with.

A few options I was considering:
-Flip DJ into gordon + a medium value piece.
-Flip larry into Diggs, thielen, or hilton (I would definitely have to add a second piece since no one really likes larry in my league).

What would you guys do in this situation? It’s a half ppr league.

Thank you

I don’t think you need to move one. Two players on the same team isn’t the worst thing, especially since they don’t play the same position. I’d just make sure to pay attention to Larry on the road. Dude disappears when he’s on the road. If I were to trade one of the two however, it would probably be larry because he has some value and is much less consistent/elite. I always prefer to have an elite player like DJ.

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Thank you nick from new jersey