Larry Fitz for Jordan Howard Trade

Its a 3 WR / 2 RB / 1 Flex / 1 TE. Have the opportunity to receive Jordan Howard and give up Larry Fitz. Looking for input…

My WR’s
-Keenan Allen
-Larry Fitz
-Doug Baldwin
-Allen Hurns
-Mike Williams
-DJ Moore

-Tevin Coleman
-Kerryon Johnson
-Tarik Cohen
-Bilan Powel

I cant believe you even have to ask honestly…just click the accept button immediately. You have the WRs to be fine at that position and you need another solid RB that has a more solidified role.


Yes, take that trade all day

In general I wouldn’t be looking to snap off that trade. However, you do need help at RB and it would balance out your team a bit. It’s a fair value and improved your team. Go for it!