Larry Fitz or Alshon Jeffrey ROS?

im thinking of ways to upgrade my receivers via trading and i just wanna know who u guys think is the best bet down the stretch… i know alshon was a pump-the-brakes guy but after his 2 TD season, does that change anything for you guys considering zack Ertz and nelson agholor are taking targets also? larry fitz is at least the solidified #1, u know?

I’d personally rather have Jeffrey

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I’m with you there… I might be wrong but I don’t think people value Fitz as high as Jeffery with all the unknowns in the Arizona offense.

Personally I’d want more. I value/trust Wentz substantially more than Stanton. Yeah Fitz is the number 1 reciever, but look at Jordan Matthews and Kelvin Benjamin (before leaving the Panthers). If your QB sucks, the WRs will probably hurt too.