Larry Fitzgerald for Devin Funchess

I would be receiving Funchess and giving up Fitz.

My current notable receivers are: Keenan Allen, JuJu, and Amari Cooper.

Fitz and the Cards offense have been diseased so far this year, and Funchess is the top receiver on the Panthers. Let me know!

I personally like it and think Funchess is on an upward trajectory. Newton playing really well. I think you’ll end up being the winner of this trade. However, FItz is Fitz, and could easily prove me wrong. Might be worth waiting another week for.

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I appreciate your advice. I was planning on holding off just this week because Funchess in on bye and I don’t want to be down a WR this weekend when I can easily just wait to do it next weekend.

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No prob. Exactly. I think that’s wise.