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Larry Fitzgerald. Keep or drop?


What do I do with Larry Fitz? He’s completely irrelevant with Stanton under center but part of me think’s that I’ll drop him and he’ll get back on track.



In two leagues where I had him, I traded him. I agree with you, but you can get some value out of him still. People still rate him high, because of his name, and in fact not even downgrading him at all.


Who did you trade him for?

I agree with what you said re: trade him but I’m not sure if anyone else see’s his value like we do?!


I gave up Ameer Abdullah and Fitz for D. Murray. In another league I gave Fitz for D. Thomas.

In fact my commish seems to like Fitz so much he vetoed my trades, because I was giving too much up. So I had to compromise and have the other owner add another player to make it “fair,” I proceeded to drop the extra players when it processed because I had better waiver pickup options. So dumb.

People like my commish sees, is that Fitz so far before the bye week has produced as a top 10 WR so far, which is true, but that will ultimately change. Despite my reasoning’s he still is stuck on his own ranking/value on players to overrule trades. last time I’m in these leagues.