Larry Fitzgerlad Trade Help - Super Desperate Footclan

Do I Larry Fitzgerald for James White and Matt Forte?
PPR League?
My Other WRs- Brown, Baldwin, Parker, Amendola
My Other Rbs- Mixon, Gore, Anderson

My fear is with parker healthy, i wont need fitz. My Rbs havent broke 15 points since week 2

If you could get them to take it I would looking at the next 3 weeks for the cards, it’s not favorable for them.

Thats my thought process too. My fear from the this trade comes from the consistent 8-12 targets fitz gets with a high ceiling. with the matchups i just dont see me playing him over parker

Well if your going to sit him, I’d just sell to get players your going to play. Especially if you’re trying to make a push for playoffs. Sometimes ya gotta roll the dice.

Thats my thought process as well. Most ranks have Mixon, Gore, Andeson, Forte, and White close. Ignoring matchup, what would you rank them

Forte, white, gore, mixon, Anderson. I have little to no faith in Anderson. Mixon and gore are very match up dependant but gore has gotten 10+ carries a game except 1 which he had 9. So hed much more cconsistent.

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Thats exactly what i was thinking. Thabks for the advice!

You might also be able to package Anderson away as well

I Think i might trade him for something lower like a decent D or TE. He started off so strong but that offense has really put him in a bad situation.

You might be able to get a pretty decent te for Anderson and mixon. If you get forte and white that’s what I would try to do

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