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Las Vegas - 12 team league - Live draft (Ballers scoring)* 4 spots left


We are looking to create a 12 team league here in the neon city, we have about 6 people interested and are looking to fill out the rest of the league. I want to wait until the league is full to solidify the rules but we are looking at a 12 team keeper or dynasty with the ballers preferred scoring system. We are looking at 20 dollar buy in using league safe. If you are interested in a live draft with fellow ballers drop your email below and we can get together and share some double stuff, drinks and make some water bets.


Sounds like a lot of funny man hope we can make this happen


I have created the league so lets get started filling it.I want to do a live draft so we need to fill the league soon in order to schedule a time and date.


Okay do I just have them email you thier info… mine is andrewpereira89@gmail.com


Yes just have them either have you send it or post it here so I can send


He’s interested Michaeltruong26@gmail.com


Sign me up! Here’s my email: chuck.balacy@gmail.com


Other interested party stauth81@gmail.com


Interested patsymoose@cox.net


Yo Dan have you been sending the invites we only have 4 that have joined Espn


Yes I have been sending them as I received them. I will go through tonight
and touch base with those I have sent invited to.


Sounds good bro


I got a good friend that might be interested in joining. Just sent him a text so I’m waiting on a response.


Hey guys I sent out a link invite to Group Me please let me know if you don’t receive it.


I didn’t get the GroupMe invite, could you try resending please?


Ok just resent, let me know if you get it


I’m interested! Thanks for setting this up. blakwngbrd@gmail.com