LAST CALL -- Marvel FF Universe (Keeper ½PPR)

The first-family league of the MFFU is full, but there’s still time to join! While a keeper league, our season activity begins with the NFL Draft; wait until afterward and you will miss out. Read the summary below or check out our full description with a link to the rules at Message me to join and I’ll message you instructions for the next step.

The Marvel Fantasy Football Universe league is a themed league with layers upon layers of Marvel lore, both from the comics and movies, and at its core the MFFU is about using your fantasy football expertise, and little else, to overcome your adversaries. It is a large league, but with small, flexible rosters to keep the Free Agent pool viable. Features include a salary cap draft, a weekly league pick 'em pool, a weekly collection of prop bets, a weekly boom/bust prediction, a cooperative side-league, a rivalry week, a symbiote to boost your strength when you need it most, post- and pre-season activities to further cement your dominance, and of course there’s Infinity Stones that allow you to change the fate of the Universe itself… if you’re powerful enough to wield them.