Last call trading for Gurley

Hey guys,

I tried it a lot, got vetoed a lot, but I’m thinking about a last call for a Gurley trade. Atm my offer would be

M. Thomas
T. Gabriel

Thoughts? My feeling says, it’s a bit too much…

Forgot. Half ppr. Have Boyd, Golladay, Hilton left as WR. Breida, cook, mack as rb

i wouldn’t take that trade as a gurley owner

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Guy is desperate at wr. His best is J. Brown of Baltimore…

what’s his record?

2-5, like mine. Lol.

Well he probably isn’t very knowledgeable about fantasy if he is 2-5 and has Gurley and his best WR is John Brown. Unless he has just been extremely unlucky. My bet is he won’t take a trade but you can sure try to get gurley from him for those guys.

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If he’s this desperate for a WR try your best to keep the price as “low” as possible.
The offer you made is fair in that occasion. He receives a WR1 and a startable RB.

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Thing is, if LA wins a few more games, they will keep Gurley maybe on snap count for the playoffs. So I could trade here for less than expected…