Last chance to shine!

Sitting at 5-7 In full ppr league … am I fielding the best lineup I can this week? Could use some thoughts or opinions to help me make best decision!? Thanks everyone!

I’d be a little weary of Olsen. Those types of foot injuries tend to linger and he could very easily be out, limited, or play 3 total snaps. Might be a good idea to have a backup plan/stream a TE this week

Pick up hunter Henry and drop Greg? I need to win this week so I can plan for future weeks if I don’t win? Thoughts?

Anything else I could do anyone?

I was in the same boat with you on Greg Olsen. Rostered him and played him for a bust last week, but this week is must win.

I ended up dropping him for Hunter Henry with that favorable matchup against Cleveland. I think ccbrazel06 is right, those foot injuries can linger and there’s just no guarantee of what he can produce. Despite his inconsistency, Henry seems to be the safer option this week at least.

Do I dare start Sterling Shepard over sanders?

Or even juju with the bad hammy?