Last decisions before draft today!

12 Team, Full PPR, 10th spot. I usually go WR first, OBJ, Julio, or Hopkins depending on whats there.

at 2.3 - Allen vs M. Thomas vs CMAC (sometimes Cook is here)
at 3.10 - Do I grab Ertz here over like a Baldwin/ other WR, or do I grab the WR and wait for D. Walker/ Njoku later on in the rounds.

at 4.3 - Grab a Cooper/ Tate/ Landry or a small reach for a RB that I know won’t make it back to me at 5.10 like Miller/ Drake/ Lewis/ R. Freeman

Thanks for any help as I might be overthinking things as draft approaches.

I’d wait on a TE you can get Walker late, Njoku later, or just wait until like 8th round and see who is there. Also if freeman is there st your 4th round pick take him. I’m all in on him (as long as he doesn’t get hurt)

My question is if you don’t take a RB at 2.03, are you skipping the position at 3.10 as well?

I love going with WR/WR in the back half of the draft this year. pairing Nuke or OBJ with Thomas is what I’d prefer but you can’t go wrong with any 2 of the ones mentioned.