Last draft pick in a .5ppr

Hey guys, who should I take as my final pick? Options are Hurns, Lee, Stills, Allison, and Mike Williams. Or should I look at an RB like Jamaal Williams?

Current Roster:
QB Wilson
RB Gordon McKinnon Collins R. Freeman Michel
WR Beckham Crabtree Anderson Shepard Watkins
TE Ertz

Should have mentioned, this is redraft, not dynasty

Don’t love the talent but only one of these likely to be the #1 WR on their team imho - Hurns.

Mike Williams is intriguing, but I agree that Hurns is the guy you want from that bunch. Seems almost like a steal as the last pick.

For drafting from the turn, you did pretty well for yourself!

I like the upside of Allison.

I’d look at Allison for upside but as a different name Stills as well, Parker has struggled and he could end up being the number 1 there plus someone has to make plays at WR on that Dolphins team. Hurns could end up being the 2 or slot guy in Dallas before the end of the year, i’m pretty sure that’s where he got all his production before from anyway.