Last dynasty nerd standing league

dynasty league that only last 5 years, its a points for league, each year bottom two teams in the league get eliminated, No trades, No waiver wire adds, rookie drafts are the only way to acquire new assets…we start with 12 teams, 50 dollar buy in on league safe pay outs are as follows

year one 12 teans
250/125/50…175 rolls over to jackpot
year two 10 teams
200/100/50…150 rolls over to jackpot
year three 8 teams
200/100…100 rolls over to jackpot
year four 6 teams
150/75…75 rolls over to jackpot
year five 4 teams
Jackpot- either 800 or 700/ second place 200 or 100

i think rookie drafts might be auction style to create fairness but still to be decided, lots of details to iron out once we have 12 teams but trying to find people interested
roster size will be 26 with three irs or 28 with three irs
Qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, te, flex, flex…we can vote on third wr
if interested send me an email
must have groupme for now bc platform hasnt been decided yet, if u want in ill add u to the groupme chat to confirm ur spot…probably drafting early june…