Last Keeper - Dynasty League Help

League: Full PPR, Dynasty League, Allowed 5 Keepers

Current Roster:
QB - D. Watson
QB - D. Brees
RB - M. Gordon
RB - E. Elliot
RB - J. Howard
WR - T. Hill
WR - J. Gordon
WR - A. Jeffery
WR - W. Fuller
TE - Z. Ertz

Current Keepers:

  1. QB - D. Watson
  2. RB - M. Gordon
  3. RB - E. Elliot
  4. TE - Z. Ertz
  5. ??
  • Im trying to decide between Hill and Howard. Im 8th pick in an 8-Team league, so I can get last pick of the 1st round and 1st pick of the 2nd round. Looking at the TOP 200, Howard is ranked higher than Hill, but not by much. But RB’s are hard to come by versus WR’s. Also, I’m not sure how Hill will do this year. Preseason has been good, but he’s more of rollercoaster ride versus a consistent production guy.

Any thoughts? Maybe you see someone else to take that last spot? Open to all feedback.

I’m keeping Howard and Hill and ditching Watson. You’re in an 8 team league and there are more than 20 startable qb options. That would be the move even if this was a 2qb or superflex league, which there is no indication that it is.

I would also keep Howard and Hill and ditch Watson. In an 8 team league there is no need to keep a QB as it is as deep a position as ever.

How many players do you start?


10 players start.

1 - QB
2 - RB
2 - WR
2 - Flex (R,W,T)
1 - TE
1 - D/ST
1 - K