Last minute 12 man Yahoo .5 PPR redraft league (FULL)

I had another FootClan League deleted on me after the Commish missed the draft and Autodrafted, so I am recreating one that is similar and will draft tonight at 9pm EST

12 team max
.5 point PPR
1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 K, 1 DEF

All other settings up for debate at draft

Link here:

Man if you make it $20 or $30 I am in I just can’t do a free league. People always quit once they are out of it or an injury hits.

a little concerned that with such short notice we wont fill up a $ league in the next 5 hours.

I see that but prolly a better shot than it being free. If you aren’t opposed maybe change title to free or $25 entry and see.

I’m actually also looking for a league for around that much buy-in since my normal yearly league fell through this year :frowning:

already have 3 people in the league that are likely under the free assumption, I’m willing to pay and we can talk about it for sure, but we might have some trouble getting it to be unanimous.

Yea I wouldn’t want to try to make the people already in it pay if they don’t want to, but I can likely be in the league regardless, if you end up needing another. Only way I can’t would be if I find another league that has a buy in with the same draft time as this one, but I’d let you know.

I understand that about people in it under free assumption. Either way is all good. If either of you find a similar pay league as we spoke about please pass on my email in case I miss the post.


Hey I was in that league too. I’m in if you have room. My email is

Sorry all, filled up and draft time is in like 20 minutes, thanks for all the interest and I hope everyone gets in a league!