Last Minute 12-Team Sleeper Redraft - 9PM PST Tonight (.5 ppr, 2 flex, $20-Leaguesafe) *1 spot left*

I’m trying to throw together another league before the season starts and it seems like plenty of the footclan are looking for an extra home. The LeagueSafe will be posted in the sleeper chat. If the league fills by 9:00 PM PST, the draft will start then. First place will take all - $240

I’m down if we get it going

We still have 6 spots open! Please post any questions in this thread if you have them

I m in if i can pay fees Friday {} I need one more league !

Is this redraft, keeper , dyansty???

It’s a redraft, but fees will be due before the draft.

Just 2 spots left!

Hey I changed my mind can i get back in?

Yeah, go ahead and join!

It says league is full

Guess its full missed it a second time