Last minute decision help please

Would you play sutton over Thielen tonight

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Isn’t he like 7th in league or something. They’re gonna need him. You gotta think theyve scemed for him

He’s getting some action. If the line can keep Flacco up, Maholmes out. He could get more. You do it?

Yes I plugged him in not to bad so far

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Man, Flacco is garbage. That whole team is a joke. I didn’t catch Sutton’s final. Good luck this week bro

6 for 83 or something of that sort. It wasn’t terrible, but should have been a lot better especially with them playing from behind, but seemed like they just gave up and didn’t try the last quarter.

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Yeah that should’ve been way more. Even Troy Aikmen was disgusted. That team is gross. Did Vonn Miller retire last night? He made zero impact