Last Minute QB Dilemma

Rivers or Bortles?

Bortles. Good matchup. Rivers has a terrible matchup.

If you have both on your roster start Bortles for this week…
However, if you have to drop Rivers or some depth on your bench is it worth it for 1 week not knowing if you will be the one who gets to pick Rivers up in the future?

I faced this dilemma, and decided I did not want to drop Rivers or my RB/WR depth to get a 1 week rental.
To me, having RIvers for entire season is too valuable to risk losing for possibly 1 bad week…

Oh totally. Don’t drop Rivers if that’s what you’d have to do. He might have a good performance vs. the Rams anyway. I just think Rivers’s floor this week is really low, whereas Bortles is unlikely to have much less than what he’s projected to even in a worst-case scenario.