Last Minute Sleeper league- about to draft

Our commish did not show up for the draft. The other players did a quick new league set up. $25 via league sage on sleeper

we will draft NOW - as soon as the last 2 spots are filled

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10 team
0.5 ppr
1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1flx, 1superflex, 1 k, 1d, 7 bench
$25 leaguesafe (pay by Sunday)

brought almost entire league over, but need last 2 spots filled to draft in the next 10 minutes. anyone looking for a last minute league, please join

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we keep adding 1
then losing 1
have been at 8 or 9 for the last 15 min
draft time will be as soon as we hit 10 confirmed
any night owls looking for that last league, come sign up