Last minute trade offer

Okay guys… could use a little advice here. Full point PPR, keeper league with round penalties (players round 4 and later are eligible to be kept for up to 3 years).

I’m currently sitting 2 games back of the final playoff spot but this week is looking like a win thanks to byes affecting my opponent (who happens to be one of the 3 teams ahead of me by a game).

The conundrum is I was offered Saquon Barkely (ineligible to be kept) for Chubb (15th round).

I do have Kerryon (8th round), Mixon (5th round), Kittle (10th round), Boyd (FA, draw for round), Corey Davis (16th) and I have Penny (9th round) and Royce Freeman (FA)

Is Chubb in the 15th too much value to gamble on a team that’s currently outside the playoffs or do I have enough weaponry for next year to take the chance on a far superior asset.

I’d do it. You play to win. So play to win the championship this year.

Our deadline is next Wednesday, and I’ve smooth talked the Saquon owner into waiting to see where things are after this weekend. He really wants Chubb so I have the upper hand at this point.

If I can win this week and either of the 5th or 6th place teams lose, then I’ll pull the trigger.

This is like chasing a draw in Hold 'Em… dangerous, but it may be worth it in the end.

If you are playing to win, you dont take a guy on his bye this week, let a lone for Saquon. Keep Saquon.

Wait, I read wrong. If you are trying to win now take Saquon!

I’d be receiving Saqoun, I own Chubb

Starting Mixon/Kerryon this week and flexing either Corey Davis or Chris Carson

Take Saquon!

Man… I sent the offer… I’ll be real disappointed if I don’t manage to get in hahahaha at least I have options for next year’s keepers anyhow.

PS - I like your keeper idea for free agents. Have to ask is it capped at 4th round? or could you possibly have to give up a 1?

I actually set the rounds to 6-19 to A) allow for same round keepers to be bumped up a round (say you pulled a “6” and had a player in that round already, you’d then have to keep him in the 5th) and B) to provide greater value to the final two rounds in terms of potential keepers.

I WANTED to have rolling penalties so that a players draft round would drop each year after the first (Round 7 keeper would be eligible for 3 years at rounds 7, then 6, then 5) which I feel provides motivation to throw a player back as their value changes and keeps teams fresh, but the league shot it down lol