Last Minute Trade Offer?

I was offered…

Chris Hogan, Aaron Jones, and Alex Smith


Zeke, Coleman and Funches

I have
QB-Tyrod Taylor
RB-Demarco Murray (BYE), Henry (BYE), James White, Coleman, Dion Lewis, and Gore… I could pick up a Raiders back if needed.
WR-Crabtree, Baldwin, Funches, Stills, and Richardson

The guy I am playing also had Landry and Ajayi who both laid eggs.

What do you all think?

Don’t lose zeke or your rb’s are really weak. still not for sure that jones has the job over ty

I am 2-5 so if I lose Zeke I will not make the playoffs… If he plays I look good. My RBs would be week but I would have 3 top 20 WRs in my lineup. I could make due until Murray is back next week.