Last Night’s Draft

Good morning gang,

Would love to chat and get some feedback on my draft last night:

9th pick in a 1/2-point PPR - Nothing else fancy about the scoring.

QB: Aaron Rodgers

RB: Aaron Jones
RB: Nick Chubb
RB: Ronald Jones
RB: AJ Dillon
RB: Rhamondre Stevenson
RB: Tevin Coleman

WR: Terry McLaurin
WR: Tyler Lockett
WR: Chase Claypool
WR Brandin Cooks
WR: Michael Thomas
WR: Henry Ruggs III

TE: George Kittle

D/ST: Rams

K: Justin Tucker

Few Notes:

  • Completely over the moon happy about getting both Jones and Chubb with my first two picks. Two WR and a TE went in the first 8 picks, so I was pretty stoked to get two solid RB1’s right off the bat. Plus, I just like them.

  • Went with Kittle in the third. Definitely a different approach for me as he is a player who I have literally never drafted in a single mock draft - much less a real one. Roll of the dice, but screw it - I wanted him. Dude knows how to chug a beer.

I don’t love my depth at RB, but I’m typically fine with that if I have studs at the top and play FaaB properly.

At WR, I don’t have any that I would call a star, but I think I’ve got three guys with top-15 upside, a criminally underrated WR3 in Cooks and a few lottery tickets in Thomas and Ruggs.

Plus, I think Rodgers goes scorched Earth this year.

Let me know what you all think!

Love it, great team IMO, hard to pick holes in it but if you had to it’s just the RB depth, but no such thing as a perfect team (short of your league doing some crazy shit). I’d be happy going into the season with this squad

2RB, 2WR, 1flex or is it a 3 WR league? I assume 2/2 with a flex. Solid Overall. I personally don’t think Michael Thomas plays a single down this season. With that said where you have him is great value if he plays second half of the year. Stevenson becomes more valuable if Mac takes over for Cam at some point this season and obviously if anything happens to Harris. RB Depth I agree with but you have the packers backfield locked up which helps soften that blow.

I personally am off on Kittle but not due to his talent. The guy can ball and will be a top 3 Tight End for you when he plays. The reason I am down on him in the 3rd is the same reason I love watching him play. He just plays violent and hard all the time. Which is amazing to watch but can lead to some injuries. Injuries happen obviously to every position but I think some players put themselves in a position to be hurt more then others. Like a QB who doesn’t slide. Love the effort and the guts but if they are my fantasy player I worry every time. Same thing with Kittle. Again can’t deny the talent and if he plays even 14 games for you then I think it is a win.

Again, we see an owner hamstringing themselves with an early TE pick. Jones and Chubb was a good start, but then you picked Kittle, so your WR1 is now Terry McLaurin instead of CeeDee Lamb, your WR2 is now Tyler Lockett instead of Brandon Aiyuk, and your RB3 is now Ronald Jones instead of Mike Davis. And it would have only cost you going from Kittle to Higbee or something like that at TE to fix all three of those positions.

Good pick on Cooks, but you’re going to need to do some more work like that to overcome the handicap of an early TE.


Yeah, it’s 2 RB/2 WR/1 Flex.

The Kittle pick was a weird one for me, I’ll admit, but the only spot where it impacted what I would have otherwise done is at RB3. If I didn’t go Kittle in the 3rd, I would have gone RB. The two guys I would have chosen between were Chris Carson and D’Andre Swift.

Hated having to Ronald Jones as my RB3, so I fully understand the criticism regarding my RB depth behind my top two. I took the approach of being willing to take that stance due to the volatility of the position. The RB3 who I draft is very rarely the RB3 that I roll with all season, so I figured it might be worth the risk.

We’ll see if it works out. If he gets hurt, I’ll feel like a jackass.

The impact on WR is a bit overstated. Didn’t negatively impact what I otherwise would have done.
My WR1 is Terry McLaurin instead of Allen Robinson (Cee Dee was gone) - I would have taken McLaurin over both anyways.
My WR 2 is Tyler Lockett instead of Brandon Aiyuk - which is a pick that I did make. Perfectly fine with him as an WR2 and prefer him to Aiyuk.
My WR 3 is Chase Claypool - totally cool with that.
My WR 4 is Brandin Cooks - thrilled with that.

Appreciate the feedback from all. Will definitely have to play the wire and be active with trades, but luckily I like that part more than drafting anyways.

I have a superflex draft coming up soon and I plan on going late as hell on TE and not overspending on QB, so I’m sure AxeElf will like that one at least slightly more.

It’s definitely a shorter path to success!

Love Jones and Chubb. That’s awesome. Plus I think Mclaurin could be in for an awesome season. I want him in my draft.