Last place punishment

We are kicking around the idea of a punishment for our startup dynasty league. What are some fun punishments you have for finishing last in your league?

We all watch the Super Bowl together in a bar… loser of the league has to wear a dress to the Super Bowl.

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Bottom two guys have to run a NYC 5k and the loser of that race does a 5 min open mic standup routine that night.


My old work league did 24 hour icing. Last place had to drink no other beverages but Smirnoff Ice for 24 hours.

My current leagues have trophies: Manziel sitting on a bronze toilet & a Tim Tebow Jets Action Figure (with accompanying Tebow Jets jersey) both must sit on the loser’s mantle/displayed prominently in home living room until they are awarded to their new owners at the conclusion of the following season. Also, the possessor of the jersey must wear it to all league events (draft, awards, game days at the bar, etc) and post their picture in the jersey as their profile picture in one of their social media accounts.

Everyone in my league gets to buy 1 item that the last place finisher has to wear out to the bar one night. For example, last year when it was all assembled last place ended up wearing centaur legs and hooves, a tutu, voldermort hands, horns, a choker and a tiara. We now refer to the worst person in the league as the ‘centaur’ during the season

We have a losers playoff with the two worst teams, whoever loses that gets drenched in champagne by the overall winner on draft day and has to draft soaking wet. A picture of the drenching is on the front-page of the league and WhatsApp for the entire year.