Last Roster Spot: DJ Moore or Bilal Powell?

Standard re-draft 10 team league.

Powell went un-drafted, and my current WRs include Moore.

I’m thinking maybe I go into the season with Powell just in case he becomes the touch hog in that backfield…


DJ Moore could be a huge part of that offense this year and the Jets have already proven they don’t like Powell that much. I think they get Powell out of there ASAP. With that said Powell has an easy schedule early with Det, Mia, and Cle. Moore has Dal, Cin, Wash which is pretty juicy as well in my eyes.

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I also own Burkhead and I’m trying not to get caught up in the “sky is falling” panic around this revelation that he has a slight tear in his knee.

But maybe I should move on from him?

I do wonder what Powell ever did to find his way into Todd Bowles’s doghouse, but it is clear that even though Powell keeps showing up and putting in good work, they absolutely do NOT want to give him the load.

Maybe I stand pat…decisions decisions…

Burkhead should be fantastic, but like you said who knows what is going on there. I’m in the freaking medical field and idk what a “slight tear” means. it could mean anything, ha

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Burkhead practiced Sunday. Now all the panicked owners are totally going overboard with the idea that he’s completely fine.

I got him later than his ADP in both leagues. We’re not out of the woods yet, but I’m keeping him. He’s the kind of solid guy that B.B. loves.

Standing pat with DJ too unless someone comes crashing in here and totally changes my mind. It’s a 10 team league with loose roster requirements. No need to go crazy.