Last round redraft pick

Rank the order in which you would draft these guys for your last pick (8 team ppr keeper)

Russel Gage
Mike Williams
Henry ruggs
Tyrell Williams

Mike Williams has the makings of finally becoming fantasy relevant. I believe he can outplay his adp if he manages to stay healthy and on the field.

Gage will be a good late round pick, he is just a safe, boring pick with minimal upside.

In late/last rounds, I personally like to get high risk/high reward players. If 1 or 2 of them hit, they can be league winners.

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Mike Williams or Trautman. Both have high upside. Williams could be fantasy relevant this season if he stays healthy and Trautman could see a lot of targets with MT out for several weeks. I’d grab both if I had room to spare and they were available. High reward and you don’t have to spend a lot to get them. Have them both in dynasty.

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With last pick of my draft I’m happy with any of these guys.

I’ll go my preference of Mike Williams, Trautman, Gage, Ruggs and Tyrell Williams. 8 teams you don’t really want bye week fillers so Mike and Trautman are probably the two highest ceilings.

Side note, in 12 teams Trautman I think once we really get into draft season goes at prices I’m not comfortable with. I really think he moves into crazy territory of 8-10th round. He might beat that adp but I’m not going to be the guy that bets on it.

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