Last shot!

Ok fellas! Hope yall had a good championship weekend.

Want yalls input on my standard league…

I am down by 2 points.

My opponent has Diggs to play and I have either Aaron Jones or Mike Boone. If Mattison is out tonight, I feel like I may go Boone. Steps into a role that could give him 20+ touches, goal line work, and a few catches.

Over the recent weeks, Jones may only end up with 13 carries in a game and that worries me. He does have a great TD potential but I feel Boone does as well.

What yall think?

Personally, I go Jones. His TD ceiling is far too high to not play him.
I know the match up favors the Vikings RB but when it comes down to Aaron Jones vs. Mike Boone…Jones is the pick.

I agree, Jones is the pick…thats who i would go with.