Last year draft holdovers

I Had a lot of picks in last years draft. I can hold one player over on my taxi squad for free. I only have three picks in this upcoming draft(8th, 31st, and 39th) I am wondering your all’s thoughts on which rookies I should hold onto or try to flip for draft capital this year. And if you think I should flip about what round draft pick compensation would you be looking for.

My 2019 rookies are
Miles Sanders
Andy Isabella
Hakeem Butler
Devin Singletary
Kyler Murray (lost luck so traded this years 2nd for him)
Noah Fant
DK Metcalf
Miles Boykin
Preston Williams

If you are truly keeping a player on the taxi squad (sitting them the whole year), my answer is easy. Preston Williams. Gives him a year more to heal from the ACL and he looks like he will be a monster. If not, no big deal as he was only on taxi.

everyone else (assuming you are not keeping them in other positions) I am looking to sell for value. i would try holding sanders / DK / Murray / Fant if possible as i think they are destined to be strong assets on your team, but if your roster looks good already I would only hold DK.

Hard to tell you what to go for, but I like second round quite a bit this year and am already looking to 2021. Do not fear getting those picks as that class might be just the same or better. If you are looking at this year, I would package 2 players for as high a first round I could get. Again, 2020 2nds / 2021 1st&2nds are very valuable as well.

possible to package to get a 2020 1st and then trade that for assets after the nfl draft. that is when those picks hit max value. you might get an insane pull for one of them.

sorry i cannot get specific but there are too many variables. i hope any of this ramble helps :slight_smile:

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