Lat Murray and Cooks


I give Kamara owner Lat Murray and Cooks

For one of Thielen or Lockett


Would Murray help you win this week if you play him?
Thielen would likely have more volume than Lockett. Both are on run first offenses. Lockett seems to do more when his targets are low either a TD or breaks some long runs. Thielen should get consistent targets around 7/8.
Then thielen pulled a hammy. I might go Lockett for the possibility the hammy lingers

He would help this week for sure if Kamara is out.

Just trying to get most possible as they are on Bye next week and then Kamara probably will be back to normal. My roster below.

Zeke, Conner, R Freeman, M Sanders, Edmunds, Lat Murray.

Godwin, Cooks, Gallup, Ridley.

I would trade him. This is likely the only other week he could play. You’ll be able to get a player you can play every week not just a deep bench spot.


Would you ask for Lockett or Thielen.

I have Thielen and I’m worried. He would pair great with Godwin. Lockett has been performing but is TD dependent. I’d probably take the chance with Thielen because you have Ridley and Gallup whom should produce

Lockett would be the guy I would want. The games he doesn’t score a TD he usually gets more receptions. On half ppr he’s 14 points and a low game of 7 is his only not double digits.

Thanks guys he didn’t go for either.

He countered with Bears, M Gordon and Breida for Conner and Godwin. Hit reject quick lol.

Trying to trade Edmonds to the DJ owner for Golloday.