Latavious FAAB

First waivers process tonight… How much would you spend for Latavious? Why do I feel like he can take the job as #1 RB? (12-team .5ppr)

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I feel like Latavious was really productive when he was used last year. And when he does get the start, he’s decent and sometimes puts up good #'s. Although yea… it could be an absolute poop show in that backfield…

Because he’s the best RB they have–that’s just not saying much.

And the #1 RB in Baltimore last year had 645 yards and 7 TDs through 16 weeks, before facing a Cincinnati team that didn’t care any more which gave him 25% more rushing yards and 2 more TDs. And that was J.K. Dobbins.

So some old washed-up shell of a RB probly won’t do much better, even if they are the “Number One” RB in Baltimore. Is that worth spending FAAB on?

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Id put like 2-8/100 faab dont let him get scooped for free but let your league mates waste their big faab spends early

Nothing about him is certainty and while he may have some value this isnt one of those rbs to dump massive faab on

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For what it’s worth he went for $15 today in one of my leagues. I think it’s a bit pricey, but if you think he’s going to be a top 24 RB (I don’t), he’s probably worth that.

Just heard on the podcast, he went for like $34 in their league