Latavius Ambush

Latavius sneak attack or no?

He could totally have a decent game. Worst run D on the planet, starter is returning but not 100%. Didn’t even practice this week. And if there is garbage run time to gain, he will get the trash bag. I’m not saying 20pts but 15 or so PPR, I could see it.

Cook at 2 limited practices on Wednesday and Friday and a full practice on Thursday

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Not aware of the full. Probably not then.

Cook is out

Is he?

I have not seen anything saying he is out officially.

“Way better,” Cook said of how he feels. “But I’m still day to day with it. Still trying to get where I need to be, but I feel way better.”

Lativius, thinking he is good to go for at least a flex. Worst run D and they likely limit Cook with a lead. He could be a gold garbage can late in the game.

I don’t see how Latavius is a play at all this weekend. Need so much to break right and he’s been so ineffective when he’s had the entire backfield to himself already this year. Extremely risky.

Nope —————-

Ambushes are risky. That is the whole point. Worst run D, Cook is not healthy. He may not even play. I would do it if I was desperate is my point. Everyone has success against that run D.

This isn’t a smart risk, though. When cook is playing, limited or not, neither is a start this week.