Latavius, Ivory, or Ito ROS?

Trying to fill my last roster spot.
I’ve always liked Latavius but it doesn’t seem that the Vikings will be able to run the ball this year.
Ivory’s appealing because of the LeSean trade rumors.
Ito’s appealing because of Freeman’s lingering injuries and he’s part of a high powered offense.

I’m leaning towards Ito. Who would you go with?

Depends what you need. Ito can probably give you some okay flex plays, especially this week and any week freeman is injured.

Murray is viable if cook doesn’t make it back this season but looks like Cook is already suiting up this week.

Ivory is dependent on a trade. And even if McCoy gets traded, that team is objectively awful. If you didn’t feel comfortable starting McCoy, would you really feel comfortable starting Ivory?

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I told someone else something similar earlier this week. Even if McCoy does get traded, I wouldn’t be too thrilled about Ivory even as the lead back. I would probably pick up Ito in this situation

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