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Latavius Murray or Bilal Powell


My full PPR league. I’m playing Frank Gore, and I need another in. Bilal Powel, Latavius Murray, Tarik Cohen, or Damien Williams. No great choices, but was curious to what your guys thoughts were.


If it’s between those two I’d probably go with the pass down back Powell.


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. The ballers put Murray ahead of Powell, and I get it. Murray is getting alott of snaps, and powell is getting less and less, and after last week it could be close to nothing, but he’s a monster. If powell gets the ball he almost goes all the way each time.


Oh dang I didn’t even look. Yeah they are probably expecting some goal line work for Murray against Washington. I guess he has a better potential to score, but I personally lean towards a pass down back in PPR when I’m on the fence.


I definitely get what you’re saying, and that’s why I’ve been conflicted. I’ll just have to think on it some more to make sure, but your perspective really helped a bunch!


Good luck man!


Side note, if you’re projected to win maybe think about the pass down back more then for safety. Even if Powell only gets 4 catches for 40 yards (not an overstatement either), he’ll get 8 points, whereas Murray has to score to make up for it since he doesn’t usually get over 80 yards or catch much.