Latavius Murray’s Value Moving Forward

I’m the Kamara owner in my league and was extremely fortunate to snipe Murray off the waiver wire for free when news of Kamara’s injury broke. Now that Kamara is expected to be healthy coming out of the bye, is it acceptable to drop Murray to make some bench room? Or should I go into full on handcuff mode with him for the rest of the season?

Alternatively, I may also have a chance to trade Kamara for Dalvin Cook and I’m considering it since I cleave mild concerns that Murray may have a growing role moving forward.

I think this proved you can’t just drop Murray. He’s way too valuable if Kamara goes down. He has been a top 5 back the last 2 weeks.

I got lucky to grab him too. I am not a Kamara owner. I am trying to decide if I keep him or try to trade him to the Kamara owner.

If I do keep him how playable is he when Kamara is playing?

So I’m the kamara owner in my league made a trade for murray before last week when kamara was still questionable. I like having the insurance of a replacement, but I was worrying that with murray shining he might in some way reduce kamara’s numbers, but that’s not going to happen imo and here’s why.

(also I’m a diehard saints fan so some bias but I also think I have a good guess)

Even when the saints had Mark Ingram, they BOTH were top 10 running backs, kamara being like #2 most of the season behind saquon, since he can catch the ball so well and make plays after the little screens the saints like to run.

I was thinking of trading him for maybe saquon actually in my league, since I have Brees, Kamara, Michael Thomas and the Saints D as well as latavius murray which means I’m really relying on the Saints heavily, but looking at their schedule: ATL, TB, CAR, ATL, SF, IND, all but that San Fran game being easy Ws (inb4 you say carolina has a good defense in division games for these guys are always shootouts during regualr season). I’m not so sure anymore about trading any of them.

I’m only worried about that week 14 Semi finals san francisco game, but I’m just praying they have a classic season of going from extremely promising to dishearteningly mediocre.

TL:DR I’m not too worried about Murray’s impact thanks to Kamara’s receiving abilities and Drew Brees (Healthy) lack of targets beside thomas the dank engine (And trequon smith is out) and the saints history of rocking it with two RBs, in fact I want to keep murray for those special flex matchups or kamara rest games at the end of the season if we win out.

Thoughts? Am I full of it?

The plan was always to re-create Kamara and Ingram and IMO that will happen but they could not do it with Brees out.

LM is actually better suited than Ingram for the bowling ball role. Bigger, stronger, faster and just as good as a receiver. Only real advantage Ingram had was screens which takes time to perfect.

Saints are a SB contender without question and they have to preserve Kamara as much as possible. He could have played last week but they want him to recover. No reason why both will not be high RB2/ low RB1’s rest of the way. I’m starting both rest of the way.

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