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Late entry fee penalty conundrum


I need ideas…the penalty for paying late in our league is losing your first round draft pick. We had to have ourvdrsftvearly and due to strange circumstances the one guy who paid late got autodrafted by everyone else yet still got Mike Evans in the first round . I want to stick with the penalty of losing his first round pick, Mike Evans, but I’m not sure what to do with him in order to be fair to the other owners. Ideas?


are you asking what to do with mike evans?


Yes, I thought about going down the draft order and asking each owner if they wanted Evans in place for whoever they drafted but then I’d have to keep doing that with every player that was replaced. That would take forever but it’s the only thing I can think of that would be fair


that’s one option, another would be to redo the draft from the point on which evans was picked up, another could be to just ban evans from being picked up by anyone in the league


you could also implement the FAAB


Wait, so why is he being punished by an auto-draft? Clearly, no one wanted Evans round 1 (which makes sense; he isn’t a first rounder), so I guess I don’t understand why the player isn’t outright his. Losing a first round pick is a harsh enough penalty; now you are taking a player away?

I guess I need context. Was this his first round auto-pick? If so, why did he even have a lock in the first place? I guess what I am saying is that, if you already instituted a penalty against him, you can’t implement another, or punish him again because you aren’t happy with the outcome. That’s some double jeopardy. Live with it.


@thomas_peterson From what I got, his penalty was to lose his first round pick but by some reason during the draft it didn’t happen and he did get a 1st round pick which was Evans, so he hasn’t gotten the penalty yet


Vanpratt is correct, it was a weird situation so we just gave him the next best player on a top 300 list for each of his picks and he got Mike Evans in the first round. It was an oversight by my part since he wasn’t actually at the draft and if somebody else was going to take over the team I wasn’t going to make them suffer the same penalty. The original owner had since decided he still wants to play and has paid but he paid late so I still think he should lose his first round which is Mike Evans.


I made a big deal about it to a couple other owners and they actually gave me money on time so I can’t let this guy slide. I like the FAAB idea too though, that might be the route to go


Yeah FAAB is fair to everyone on the league and doesn’t require you to redo the whole thing and whomever get Evans should be taking a big hit on his budget so it wouldn’t be like he’s taking Evans for free


I think taking the guys first round pick is too harsh. Id try to impose some other type of penalty. For example, if he wins the league he has to pick 1 person to give their money back to…or he gets the last pick in next years draft…or he isn’t allowed to pick up any free agents until week 4.

I understand its super annoying when someone pays late, but you also allowed it to happen. Taking the guys first round pick ruins his whole season and there our other less harsh penalties you can come up with.


I’d come up with a couple options and put it to a vote with the rest of the league.

First idea that came to mind for me was same as what @drubar just said - lock him from add/drops and trades for the first 3 weeks.


Yeah I might most upset with myself for either not taking his 1st rounder at the time or just replacing him because nobody could get a hold of him. I had somebody else recommend to just have him pay more and that’s the way I’m leaning.


It is unfortunate, but live and learn. I agree with everyone else. You can’t change what has been done, so change what he can do in the future. Because if you make him pay more, and he wins its like nothing happened. At least if you lock him out of add drops for a while, or any trades, you actually penalize him for the season, not just his wallet.


I agree about the harshness of the 1st round yank. It seems illogical; I would have just quit if my 1st round was gone. Then again, I would have paid on time :). In football, that is a death sentence. Even having Evans as his best player puts him at a disadvantage (Watch, he auto-nailed rounds 2-13, and wins it all). If you want to drop the hammer, you should just boot late paying managers.

As for remedying this situation, docking FAAB is a great idea; it definitely hurts that manager enough, but doesn’t destroy him, and it will make the rest of you feel better about it. You hear that? That’s justice.


I think the FAAB idea is the better way to go. You could ban anyone from using evans but that kind of sucks because he would have for sure been on someones team. I think if the FAAB is 200 take away 100 from him or half of whatever the league is.