Late night trade ideas

Moore + Robinson/Montgomery for Thielen and Higbee?

Not sure if Thielen is an upgrade or lateral move at WR over moore, and my current TE is J.Cook who hasn’t looked great first 2 weeks.

My other RBs are Drake, Hunt, Robinson, Montgomery, Michel, Gaskin.

WRs are Thomas, Moore, Woods, Lazard, Miller, Deebo(ir) Campbell(ir)

In a perfect world I’d get an RB upgrade but not getting any bites so far

That seems like overpayment on your end if I’m being honest. Higbee had only scored 5 touchdowns in his career before last game.

Thielen is not only lateral, but also is on a struggling offense. The Panthers at least have a very accurate QB and a solid WR2 to pull coverage.

Since you’re deep at RB why not make a play for CMC?

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Coincidentally same owner who has Thielen and higbee has CMC, I just think it would take a lot to get him, no? Drake and woods or drake and moore? All that and I won’t even see what I bought until 3-6 weeks from now, could hurt playoff chances

I’d personally offer Hunt or Montgomery and Moore.