Late QB in Point per Completion

Commish changed setting to half point per completion AFTER draft due to league vote. However, that was not part of my draft strategy, so I took Stafford late.
Any QBs that might be on waiver wire that I should pick up over Stafford due to the scoring change?

I doubt there’s anyone on the wire worth picking up over Stafford due to the change. But it seems kinda messed up to change the scoring system after the draft has already been completed. Maybe it wouldn’t have changed things that much, but league rules should always be voted on before the draft takes place IMO

Only 3 QB have averaged over 500 pass attempts the last 3 seasons. Matt Ryan 554.7, Tom Brady 532.7, and Jared Goff 514. Goff is now on the Lions. And Matthew Stafford now takes over for the Rams. Stafford has averaged 575 pass attempts over the last decade.

Soooooo… you pretty much have the #1 QB for that little scoring peccadillo; there’s no possible way you could upgrade.