Late round defense

I usually draft my defense and kicker in the last two rounds. What defenses are you targeting late with favorable matchups to start the season. Really like the Saints so far. Back to back home games to open the season against the Bucs (without Winston) and the Browns.

you already said mine lol. saints all the way. i have ended up with them late in drafts more than anyone. its a damn good defense, with a favorable matchup. after that it gets rough for 2 weeks, then good for 2, then rough again for 2. so they are a pretty good option to pick up later on as well. i might even consider keeping them against the falcons and giants, just so i can have them againts the redskins and ravens the weeks after.

Saints for me as well. Carolina kept me in it last season. I do think the Packers defense or 49ers defense can possibly be a top 12 this year.

I think the Panthers defense is going to be a problem for opponents this year. Not positive it will translate to fantasy, as I’m not sure they’ll be super high in turnovers, but I think they’re going to be very hard to move the ball on.

I stream defenses all year so I’m eyeing the Titans and Lions for week 1.

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