Late Round Gems in 2 QB

Hey Ballers,
We changed our league to Superflex this year (though I feel most owners will draft with a 2 QB strategy) and I’m wondering who your 12th round and later targets are at WR/RB/TE?

CJ anderson and Latavious Murray are both guys i target late, and in 2 QB leagues (which is basically what super flex is) that pushes both of them to 12th round or later. and both can have RB2 production.

as for WRS, its really not that hard to find guys that will produce at that level in a 2 QB. as per ADP (with some varience because this is going off of strictly 2 QB league, not a superflex so it may not be 100% accurate) this is what you have to work with in the 12th and on for WRs.

there is a lot of talent here. and at all levels. deep threat guys, slot guys, bigger post up guys, slot WRs… you name it. so i would prioritize CJ Anderson and Murray, then get just about anyone from this list.

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If it’s PPR, I think Yeldon is another guy in that tier that’s being basically ignored. I think he should be drafted around the other passing down specialists, and unlike them actually has a path to be a bell cow.

Excellent! Thanks! @BusterD- Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been going 2 stud WR’s, then loading up on RB, grabbing my QB’s and there’s always some amazing WR value left. I’m hoping there are 3-4 QB’s that go in the top 15 to push value even more.

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