Late Round Keeper Advice

Should I keep Darren Waller as an 8th round pick or Terry McLaurin as an 8th round pick. Thanks for the help!

I would go McLaurin for sure, Waller has a lot more competition coming in, Mclaurin has a small amount of competition coming in and he was finally putting it together with Haskins near the end of the year.

That’s a solid question, I’ve retyped this twice now, I think I would go Waller for the value. You have a better chance of getting McLaurin or someone with the same upside in the later rounds than you do Waller, who you pretty much have to take in the 4th or 5th round if mock drafts are to be believed. I really like McLaurin this season so the question is a toughy, but hope that little bit helps.

Terry is the guy id go with hes awesome